Social sites, villas, apartments, steel building and structures and additional structures like retaining walls, special sections etc.

We can make statical projects of all kind buildings and structures by using every kind design and seismic codes.

Project and Design

- Economical sizes and harmony with architecture..
- Structural design with real engineering and science.
- Optimum balance with wasting and safety..


- Controlling every details one by one.
- Optimization rebar shape, number and diameters which softwares can not do.
- Project technic minimising rebar lose.


- Calculations suitable with current design and seismic codes by last version technologic global softwares.
- Special formulas and softwares to calculate special structures like retaining wall, pools etc.
 - World standarts at steel calculation and steel detail drawings with expert team.


- Employment with latest technology computer and hardwares.
- Dailiy backup and your works are safe with professional work.